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Northpointe Children's Ministry

On Sunday September 8th, we will have our Promotion Sunday. All children and students will move up to their 2019/2020 school grade for their classes. This may mean a new classroom for some children, so as a reminder our Family Ministry classes look like this:

TimberTown: Birth-PreK (Both Services)
KidsWorld: Kindergarten-3rd Grade (Both Services)
Merge: 4th-5th Grade (Both Services)
Ignite: 6th-8th Grade (9:30am Service & Wednesday Nights)
Catalyst: 9th-12th Grade (9:30am Service & Wednesday Nights)

We believe parents are the number one influence in a child’s life. We also believe that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. Everything we do is designed as a launching point for what happens at home.

We create kid-targeted environments where a biblical message is taught in ways that are clear, dynamic and age-appropriate. Kids belong to a small group community where they are known, loved and can safely explore their questions about God, the Bible and life.

We equip parents with tools and training to lead their children spiritually.

We provide shared family experiences where parents come see first-hand what their children are learning.

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