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Welcome to the Connect section of Northpointe – we are so glad you dropped in! At Northpointe we are all about helping all people move towards a life fully devoted to Jesus Christ… and we think this happens best in the context of relationships. What you can find here is some great opportunities to connect with others in healthy, authentic relationships. Whether it’s a short Connecting Group, a longer LifeGroup, or something specific in terms of a Care Group we want to see you connect!

Equip Groups are short group experiences designed to equip people with a specific skill or ability while fostering an irresistable tase of group life.  New Connecting Groups are beginning all the time.

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Current Equiping Group options:



Do you run?  Would you like to run?  Maybe you started running but gave up because it got difficult?  Join us for a 6 week experience.  Each week we’ll talk about a key tip to successful running then run* 3.1 miles.  You set your own time/run distance goal and work to better it each week.  Designed for new to running or been running awhile and just looking for a group experience and developing new skills.

Dates:  Thursdays April 18th – May 23rd 6:30-8:00 pm

Location:  Dewitt Township Fire Station #1 (1080 E Wieland Rd, Lansing)

                             (We’ll be running Granger Park, starting at the Fire Station)

Cost: Free

Childcare: Not available

Open To: All adults

Contact: Emily Carter/Hannah Cappelletti

               *Run = must be able to run/walk a 15 min mile and finish 3.1 miles in 45min or under.



Knitting Niche 101

Knitting Niche (Spring 2019)

Join us for a 6-week group designed to help you learn the basics of knitting while meeting some other Northpointe ladies!  You’ll even walk away having knit your own scarf!

Dates: Tuesdays April 23th – May 28, 6:30pm

Location:  800 S. Bridge St Apt#2  Dewitt (Ann Waters Home)

Cost: Free (please buy supplies before first night, see registration Form)

Childcare: Not available

Open To: All ladies (very limited availability!)

Contact: Ann Waters



Parenting Through The Phases

You’re invited to a new group for parents of kids from birth through 12th grade! The Parenting Through the Phases Equip Group is a small group series hosted by the Family Life Team that will help you discover what’s changing about your kid over the next 52 weeks. We’ll also talk about the 6 things your kid needs most, and 4 conversations you’ll want to have with your kid starting today! Don’t miss out!

This group will be hosted by Northpointe’s Family Life Team

Dates: Wednesdays April 17th – May 22, 6:30pm

Location:  Northpointe Campus (Room 106)

Cost: Free

Childcare: Regular Student programming, as well as childcare for under 4th grade
(purchased during registration)

Open To: All parents

Contact: Jake Howard


Care Groups are a vital part of Northpointe’s purpose of helping all people move toward a life fully devoted to Jesus Christ.  These groups provide a safe atmosphere where healthy relationships can develop for the purpose of healing through Christ centered recovery focused material.

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Grief Share:

Grief share is designed for individuals to provide help and encouragement after the death of a spouse, child, family member or friend. In this 11 week video driven discussion group participants will find comfort, answers, and hope. Can’t make all 11 session? No worries, you can come backand pick up the missed session in the next season of Grief Share! To learn more about Grief Share Click Here

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Contact Chris Carter for more info
By email


From the Outside Looking in:

We are a group of people caring for friends and family who have mental illness.  By gathering and expressing our similarities in caregiving there will be an acknowledgement that we are not alone. In this sub culture of caring for the mentally ill, we often hide from family and friends, and it may be a place of soothing and give us a different perspective on our lives. The approach for the group each week will be to go through 1 of the 8 key truths, bible characters and scriptures then share our experiences. We want to build a commonality and begin our friendships with the idea of “You are not alone”…

Contact Marie Buck for more info
By email
By Phone- (248) 807-2161

Awaken (Post- Abortive Women)

Awaken Ministries offers an 8 week study that is based on God’s truths through scripture for women who are suffering with remorse and guilt after an abortion. Not often talked about, abortion can be a very  traumatic experience for those involved, creating feelings of isolation, heartache and shame. In this group, participants find that through God’s grace healing can be reached.

~Contact our facilitators to find out about upcoming sessions. All contact is confidential~

By email 

By Phone- Aimee Beltran 989-640-4988 or Kelly Wolgamott 517-648-2838

Celebrate Recovery

If you want freedom from life’s hurts, hang-ups, and habits we encourage you to check out Celebrate Recovery on Thursday nights here at Northpointe Community Church. This ministry seeks to celebrate God’s healing and redemptive power in our lives through the “8 Recovery Principles” Celebrate Recovery is based on.

We invite you to use this opportunity to experience change, allow God’s grace to help you solve life’s problems, and allow him to release you from your addictive, compulsive, or dysfunctional behaviors that have been holding you back from authentic joy in your life.  Childcare is provided! You can direct your confidential questions  Or call Mike Beebee @ 517-449-7017 

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LifeGroups are at the core of Northpointe, and serve to most effectively develop disciples- people moving towards a life fully devoted to Jesus Christ.  Doing life in the context of relationship is not a new idea.  From the creation of the universe people are wired to do life together… and ultimately life is Better Together!  That’s why we are so passionate about LifeGroups- groups of people connected together in order to connect with God, connect with others, and connect with the world.  

New LifeGroups are beginning all the time from our Connecting Groups, through existing relationships, or from our biannual LifeGroup Connect (think speed dating for LilfeGroups).

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Connecting Groups are group experiences designed for a specific purpose (i.e. Bible Study, affinity group, etc) and to help people simply get to know other people.  New Connecting Groups are beginning all the time.

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Current Connecting Groups options:

Fitness Drumming (Tuesdays February 19th-May 21st 6:30pm)


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