Financial Planning Ministry Living Trust Seminar

With today’s busy lifestyles, we often put off those things that do not require our immediate attention.  Work, family and household demands seem always to occupy the top of our list. Even when it comes down to our own financial and retirement planning, we often delay because they do not demand our immediate attention. Then, when they finally do demand our attention, it may be too late. However–by investing a few hours now–you can establish a Living Trust that will provide for your estate planning needs.

A Living Trust provides special safeguards for you and your loved ones now and protects you and your heirs from costly probate fees and unnecessary estate taxes. It also provides you with an opportunity to establish a legal guardian for your minor children, should one be needed. You may also designate a trusted individual to legally oversee your affairs should you become incapacitated. Without these protections, you are at the mercy of the courts who will assign someone for you.

Through the sponsorship of Great Lakes Christian College, Northpointe Community Church has made arrangements with Financial Planning Ministry to conduct a free Living Trust Seminar at Northpointe Community Church on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in Room 105.  At no cost to you, this seminar will teach you more about your estate planning options and about the benefits of establishing a Living Trust.

Men’s Follow Up Deeper Dive Group Options:

Looking to take a deeper look at the issue of resiliency?  It all starts with knowing your identity and purpose. Here are a number of 6 week group options for you!  All will follow the same curriculum 33 The Series: A Man and His Design, so choose a group based on time and area of town.

Men’s Group #1: Identity (Spring 2019)

     When:  Tuesday 6pm (beginning on 3.12)

     Where: 1411 Wellman Rd, Dewitt (Shepard Home)

     Who: Don Shepard/Mike Kiewski

Men’s Group #2: Identity (Spring 2019)

     When:  Friday 7am (beginning on 3.22)

     Where: 14232 Wacousta Rd Grand Ledge (Verchereau Home)

     Who: Vic Verchereau  

Men’s Group #3: Identity (Spring 2019)

     When:  Monday 12pm beginning on 3.25

     Where: Northpointe Campus

     Who: Joe Ingraham/Chris Carter  

Men’s Group #4: Identity (Spring 2019)

     When:  Sunday 7pm beginning on 3.31

     Where: Northpointe Campus

     Who: Joe Ingraham/Chris Carter  

Need Another Option:

Have a small group of men that can’t make any of the other times? Contact Chris Carter and he’ll get you set up to lead your own group!

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