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How do you measure vision?  What do you use to know you are accomplishing your mission?  How do you evaluate God’s working in the lives of people?  At Northpointe our best answer is Stories!  We could track numbers of people (which we do), or evaluate dollars spent (which we also do), but we think the raw stories of people saying “yes” to God, taking that next step in their spiritual journey is the best possible way to measure success!  And frankly it’s way more fun! 

So, in order to celebrate great stories of God working in YOUR life we need YOUR help.  We need you to post a story that we can celebrate publically.  Two ways you can do that:

1. If you’re somewhat techie, or just own a smart phone, shoot a short (1-2 minute) video and upload it to our MyStory Dropbox page… in order to upload you’ll need to REQUEST PASSWORD first.  The video doesn’t need to be anything fantastic, just you telling your story.  Our crack team of video editors* will make it look great!

2. Write your story in an email and send it HERE again our team of video editors* will put it in a great looking format.

We love stories!  And are looking forward to hearing yours! 

If you need any assistance in shaping your story don’t hesitate to reach out HERE

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