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Welcome to Merge

MERGE – (verb) to meet and join, to blend, fuse

While fourth and fifth graders are not quite teenagers yet, they also can no longer simply be thought of as children. Today’s preteens are more advanced than ever before. The flow of information and the speed of communication has produced a generation that knows more than we did back in the day, but who still struggle to transition into their adult years.

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What can I expect from MERGE?

  1. The unique opportunity that we have with fourth and fifth grade students is that they are beginning to think independently at a deeper level, yet many have not yet been negatively influenced by “worldly pressures”. They are open to spiritual growth.
  2. A deep-rooted support system of church friends will provide stability and unconditional acceptance when classmates and school friends may change.
  3. These students are on the cusp of the fast-paced highway of junior high school (i.e. peer pressure, worldly influences, and physical and hormonal growth changes). If they are equipped now with a strong spiritual foundation and support system of Christian friends, they will “merge” from a position of strength.
  4. Stronger connections to the church during these years will translate into deeper and stronger ties in the future. These connections are more easily established in 4th and 5th grade.
  5. What they learn and experience through Merge will help them to make better decisions and to look toward the church for support in their junior high and high school years.

What can I do to help?

  1. First and foremost, be consistent in bringing your student to Merge. The more often they attend, the stronger the bonds and the deeper the growth they will experience.
  2. Give us feedback! Let us know how your child feels about the experience and in what ways he/she is growing. Offer suggestions to help improve the program.
  3. Lend a hand. We need lots of help and can plug you in where you feel gifted or able. Some needs are: program facilitators, small group guides, snack providers, servant minister coordinator, game leaders, welcome/sign-in helpers, and more.
Merge classroom with arcade cabinet and other games

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