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World Ministries Dewitt MI

We will be taking a team to Ecuador September 6-13, 2019, traveling to the church plant/Compassion Project in Ecuador that Northpointe helped get started in 2015. You will have the opportunity to meet the children whose lives you are impacting for eternity, either as a result of sponsoring them (yes, if you currently sponsor a child at this project, you may get to meet them!) or as a result of giving to Northpointe so that we could help plant the church and Compassion project. This trip will not be a labor intensive experience, but very much relational and impactful in getting to know the beautiful children and Compassion workers through interactive activities. Registration for this trip has closed. Please keep the team that is going in prayer!

Compassion International/Stadia

Through our own Stadia church plant/Compassion Project partnership in Ecuador, to helping financially and prayerfully with Stadia Church plants and hosting Compassion Child Sponsorship Sundays, we are in full agreement with the missions of Compassion International and Stadia.  Here are the links to see more about those organizations, and to see if you might help in a more personal way:

Primary Communities Served



St. Johns