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Today, perhaps more than at any other time, teenagers need love, care, and understanding. Within the boundaries of rural communities, there is little for the teenager to do. Crime is up while teachers and administration have had their hands tied. Parents are afraid to send their kids to school because of the moral decay. Crossroads Farm desires for every secondary student in their surrounding area to hear the Gospel of Christ and have the opportunity to say “yes” or “no” to that message. 

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Few countries can match the cultural diversity of Papua New Guinea, whose 7 million people speak more than 800 languages, and live mostly in rural, indigenous communities. The Shonteres are working with a local tribe in establishing a church and translating the Bible into their language. 

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Due to the sensitive nature of the location where this family serves in marketplace ministry, we are unable to disclose their full names or specific location in an online format. But know that this family is focusing on holistically training leaders and planting churches so that those leaders will go back to their villages, plant churches, and create disciples. 

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Herb and Kim are living in L’viv, assisting with a new church plant, Ukrainian Bible Church. They also are serving at Ukrainian Baptist Theology Seminary preparing students to serve in the church locally and to serve as missionaries in other parts of the world. Herb and Kim have a passion for developing disciples and building stronger marriages through the local church. 

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Compassion International/Stadia

Through our own Stadia church plant/Compassion Project partnership in Ecuador, to helping financially and prayerfully with Stadia Church plants and hosting Compassion Child Sponsorship Sundays, we are in full agreement with the missions of Compassion International and Stadia.  Here are the links to see more about those organizations, and to see if you might help in a more personal way:

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