Student Life @ Northpointe

Our student community at Northpointe Community Church is made up of High school (Catalyst) and Middle school (Ignite) students from the greater-Lansing area.

Our Goal is really about one thing: helping move all students to a life fully devoted to Jesus Christ. We desire to see every student that we encounter learn to live for Jesus every moment of their lives. 

In a culture where people look in so many places for fulfillment and purpose, we believe that our purpose in life can only be found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Through Student worship events, small groups and the activities we do, we want to see students living for a purpose that is greater than themselves!

We are a group of individuals from all different backgrounds, colors, and places who love coming together and having a good time and enjoying life!! Come and check us out!  Every student is welcome!

Primary Communities Served



St. Johns