Welcome to Northpointe Community Church. We are passionate about bringing people closer to Jesus Christ through prayer, worship, and relationships.
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We offer two identical celebration services in the auditorium each weekend. Come as you are and enjoy! Stay after the first service or come early for the second service and enjoy some hot coffee in our Connections Cafe.
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We have some amazing environments to help you meet people who share your same season of life and live in your area of town. Young or old, with or without kids, single, married, or divorced, we have a place for you to connect and grow.
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Church Dewitt MI

Thanks for checking out Northpointe Community Church. We are people from all kinds of backgrounds who are trying to figure out what it means to know and follow Jesus. Some have been on that journey a long time; others are just starting. We believe God wants to transform us through the Bible and the relationships we have with others so that we can live completely for Him. Come check us out – you’ll find great music, excellent coffee, a safe place to ask questions, and regular people who can laugh at themselves . . . but care deeply about living for Jesus!

Northpointe Community Church is not just a building with programs and events – it’s a church with people on a mission. A mission to bring the community closer to God through prayer and worship. We are about helping people move toward a life devoted to Jesus Christ. We see this in different forms including discipleship, spiritual growth, being a Christ Follower, etc. We believe all of this happens best in the context of relationships. At Northpointe, we can help you plug into groups, a place where those types of relationships can be made. Whether it’s a LifeGroup, Connect Group, Care Group, student groups, or just a group of people who are committed to each other, our goal is to move you past just Sunday Morning worship, and into something much deeper.

Whether you have visited our church before, a different church, or have never been to church a day in your life – our doors are wide open. We love seeing familiar and new faces each week.

If you are interested in serving at Northpointe Community Church, in our community, or for one of the world organizations we are affiliated with, contact Northpointe today!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with us for all of your needs. We are located in Dewitt, Michigan. Come worship with us.

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